Dental Implants in Turkey

A dental implants turkey is a dental tool that simply replaces a tooth that has been lost due to illnesses, hormonal imbalances, extreme cavities, etc. The turkey teeth implants will make you regain the functionality of your lost tooth. Additionally, the tooth implant in Turkey is really hard to tell apart thanks to the structure and appearance mimicking natural teeth. 

First, the teeth of the patient are examined and if necessary, the decayed teeth are pulled out. After that, the doctor puts artificial roots in the blanks where the implants will be placed. These artificial roots are generally made out of titanium or zirconium. 

The length of the procedure mainly depends on the dental condition of the patient. Whereas some patients only need a few dental implants Turkey, others may require a full set of teeth implants Turkey. 

The whole procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, so the patient will not be able to feel anything. However, there might be minimal swelling and pain once the anaesthesia wears off.

The dental implants turkey is in harmony with the other teeth in your mouth so it does not feel uncomfortable. 

If you are interested in Sanamentum dental implants Turkey, you can fill out the form and let our consultants contact you. 

Sanamentum offers varying types of Turkish dental implants. The patient and doctor can choose one of these according to the functionality and the physical desire of the patient. The tooth implant in turkey are made out of different materials, so they all have diverse characteristics. Some have different colours that may stand out, such as gold or silver. Below you can see the different dental implants turkey types Sanamentum offers:

  • Zirconium Implants

  • Short Implants (Mini Implants)

  • Titanium Implants

Zirconium Implants

Zirconium is a safe and popular material widely used in dental procedures, such as implant turkey, crowns, etc. The reason behind this is the fact that zirconium is a ceramic substance that successfully mimics the color and structure of natural teeth. 

Zirconium implants in Turkey form a layer between the bone and the implant in Turkey, referred to as bio-integration. This causes a connection between the artificial tooth and the bone, which is stable and quick. 

Short Implants

Short implants in Turkey are suitable for patients who do not have strong bones to hold regular-sized dental implants in Turkey. These are not as popular as regular dental implants Turkey. However, Sanamentum still offers short teeth implants turkey for those who might need them. 

Titanium Implants

Titanium implants turkey is made out of a light material that is still very stable and strong, a perfect alternative for an artificial tooth. 

Its colour is similar to steel, which makes it less natural-looking than the other alternatives above. Titanium is a material that is relatively unlikely to be rejected by the body, which makes it perfect for implants in Turkey. 

Dental Implant Clinic

As Sanamentum, it is one of our missions to provide our patients not only with efficient and satisfying dental procedures but also with services that support these procedures. This includes the consultation we offer from the very beginning of the process, as well as our after-care that extends to one year after the surgery.

Thanks to these services, we are right by our patient’s side throughout their whole medical procedure.

Sanamentum offers many advantages to patients who consider getting dental services. We work with one of the best dentists in Turkey. Our procedures are performed with an experienced and professional medical team that takes care of everything the patient needs.

Our patients stay at a 4-star hotel in Istanbul, and all of their transports from the airport, to and from the hospital are taken care of by our team. We provide our patients with a host is by their side 24/7 during their stay. The host helps the patient around in the hospital and builds the communication between doctor and patient.

Sanamentum offers high-quality dental services at affordable prices. We have adopted it as our duty to make sure our patients receive the dental health procedures in Turkey.

Dentist Zeynep Çebi

Sanamentum Dentists

Zeynep Çebi is a very skilled and experienced dentist who has worked with thousands of patients since the beginning of her career. She sends her patients off with a happy smile. Her main goal is to make her patients regain their confidence and feel good when they show their teeth. 

Our doctors listen to our patient’s concerns and find solutions to their problems. All of our dental procedures are based on mutual communication and kindness.

Sanamentum dentists work hard to make our patient’s dreams come true both with the help of Sanamentum and their medical team.

After their treatment at Sanamentum, our patients leave with a happy and confident smiles. We have adopted it as our mission to make our patients happy and satisfied, and our experienced, professional dentists assist us in this mission. 

Dental Implant Cost

Turkey is a very popular destination for medical travel since the expenses are a lot lower in contrast to European countries. Foreign patients can receive some of the best healthcare services in the world while keeping a budget.

Patients may ask themselves “How much does dental implant cost?”. There is no definite answer to this question since the cost depends on many factors. Some of these are the material of the full mouth dental implants turkey package deals, the amount of teeth implants Turkey, and the involvement of other procedures that are to be performed.

However, patients can be sure that Sanamentum always considers the budget of our patients and tries to be as wallet-friendly as possible. 

To get a definite price for your dental procedures, you can contact our medical consultants. 

Dental Implant Results and Recovery

Patients who want multiple dental implants Turkey may have to go through several appointments to get the results they want. The results are immediate and do not change over time, however, there might be some swelling that occurs around the teeth. This is completely normal and will go away within a few days. Patients may also experience sensitivity in their teeth to cold or hot drinks, which will also go away within some time. 

Patients have to be careful and follow the instructions of their dentist to protect their new tooth implants turkey. They cannot eat hard, sticky food. Some examples of what they will not be allowed to be are; candy, ice cream, cereal, any kind of gum, and anything that is hard to chew. We advise patients to eat soft and liquid food that does not require much chewing. 

It may take a few weeks to get used to your new implant turkey. 

There are certain things our patients have to keep in mind;

  • Inform your doctor about any kind of chronic illness you have, such as diabetes. 

  • Do not eat or drink for three hours after the surgery

  • Eat and hydrate before your appointment

  • Take care of your teeth; oral hygiene is very important

  • Chew with the other side of your mouth after the procedure

  • Do not put pressure on your new implant

All-Inclusive Dental Implants in Turkey Price Package

Here are the details of our all-inclusive dental implant in turkey price package:

4-Star Hotel

It is important for us that our patients are comfortable during their stay in Istanbul. Sanamentum patients stay at a 4-star hotel that meets their every need.

Medical equipment, lotions

Sanamentum provides our patients with the necessary medical equipment that will support their recovery period to have better results.

VIP Transports

Our patients are transported with a VIP car during their stay in Turkey. The car also picks them up from the airport and drops them off for their departure.

Guarantee Certificate

Sanamentum secures every patient with a guarantee certificate so their minds are at ease. Any malfunction will be compensated by Sanamentum.

Personal Host

All our patients are assigned with a personal host who keeps them company to make thier experience better during their stay in Istanbul.

Group Discount

Sanamentum provides a group discount for patients who bring their friends or family with them to get dental implant surgeries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The purpose of dental implants is to fill the spot of a tooth that has been lost. The functionality and appearance of the lost tooth will be regained through a dental implant.
No, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, patients will not be able to feel anything. There might be minimal pain once the anesthesia wears off. However, it should not last long and go away in a few days.
Dental implants last around 5 to 15 years. It totally depends on your eating habits and the care you take of your teeth. If you have good dental hygiene, your dental crown will naturally last longer. Some may even last a lifetime.

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