Beard Transplant in Turkey

What is Beard Transplant Operation?

A beard transplant is a natural and permanent solution for people with no or sparse facial hair. The process of transplanting healthy hair follicles to areas where hair follicles are not active by using microsurgical methods is called beard hair transplant. In a beard transplant operation, the patient's own healthy hair is added to the lost area. In this respect, it is a different method from beard implants and generally provides a more natural appearance.

There are several reasons causing the lack of facial hair, some of which are age, alopecia, ethnicity, genetics, hormones, testosterone levels, diet and stress. Since it is seen as a sign of masculinity, it may, unfortunately, lead to psychological problems as well as affect the person’s self-esteem and self-image.  A facial hair transplant is considered the safest and most permanent way to solve this problem.

Beard Transplant Result


During the beard transplantation operation, hair follicles that are resistant to loss are collected and transplanted into the channels opened in the areas where there is thinning or complete hair loss. With the implementation of hair transplant for beard, the aim is to give a natural, permanent-haired appearance so that it is not obvious that the transplantation has been made in the facial area. With beard transplants, the person regains his own beard hair permanently, as if he had it there for a long time.

The safest way for beard transplantation is that it is performed in a hospital environment by doctors and teams who are experts and experienced in the hair and beard transplantation area. Therefore it is crucial to do research before making a decision and to compare clinics. Sanamentum, one of the leading clinics in beard and hair transplant, offers affordable yet high-quality health services with advantageous packages. For getting more information about our packages, you can simply fill out the form and contact us.

Beard Transplant Operation in Turkey

Beard Transplant in Turkey Uk

Beard transplant or beard growth treatment in Turkey is very advantageous, especially for foreign visitors. It is a known fact that beard transplant cost is very high in European countries, just like other medical operations. That is why every year thousands of foreign patients prefer Turkey for their medical operations.

Mens’ facial hair is the most apparent and the first noticed feature on the face, therefore people with no sideburn beard or with bald spot in beard under chin consider getting the treatment they need in Turkey. Turkey’s low living costs make it an attractive destination for foreign visitors. This way, they can both enjoy their time in İstanbul and have their high-quality operation with a low beard transplant price. Usually, beard and hair transplant patients stay around 3-4 days in Istanbul and they don’t have to stay at the hospital after surgery. The surgery itself takes somewhere between 5 and 8 hours, depending on the amount of hair follicles that are implanted.


When it comes to facial hair implants, one of the most searched topics is the techniques used in beard implant operations. FUE and DHI are the most commonly preferred techniques in beard surgery. After the consultation session with our partner specialist, your personalized treatment plan is made according to your individual needs and characteristic features. This step is crucial as every patient has different needs and expectations. While some are searching for a solution to their moustache growth, others might need beard implants to fill the hair patches in their faces.

Since mens facial hair is seen as one of the most masculine features, many people are looking for an option to make them feel more confident and good-looking. With our dedicated medical team and our highly experienced partner doctor, your dream look is just one step away. Let’s take this step by filling out our contact form and let us make your dream come true. 

Here are the different Turkey beard transplant methods we offer:


  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Technique
  • DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation) Technique


FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Technique

The FUE technique is the most frequently applied technique that gives the most effective results. It is the process of transferring live hair follicles taken one by one from the donor area to the balding area. Individual grafts that contain strands of hair are removed with 0.6mm-1.2 mm mini punches using special tipped micro-engines under local anaesthesia and transplanted into the recipient area.

Fue hair transplant is the most comfortable technique compared to old methods, as it is performed without any stitches. As it also provides a much more natural appearance, many people around the world prefer getting it in İstanbul. Even though it has a lot of advantages and is the latest technology, the fue cost at Sanamentum is still affordable for everyone, as we want health services to be accessible to everyone and want everyone to find the courage to take this important step for their well-being.

For further information on our beard transplant prices, you can simply fill out our contact form here.

Facial Hair Transplant

DHI Method (Choi Implanters)

DHI hair transplantation, unlike other traditional hair transplantation methods, is a method in which hair follicles are placed directly in the area to be transplanted by using special Choi Implanters. Healthy hair follicles are carefully removed with a micromotor device, which is a highly advanced technological tool. New hair follicles are placed in accordance with the direction of growth of facial hair, thus providing a much more natural appearance.

Thanks to the DHI method, which does not require difficult procedures such as opening channels in the bald area, the number of sessions required for successful results is reduced. Other reasons for the DHI technique to be preferred are its short duration of treatment and its opportunity to transplant many hairs in a single session. There are no scars or marks after the procedure and the healing time is significantly shortened. Since this reduces the risk of infection in the area, the DHI method is considered one of the most reliable hair and beard transplantation methods.

Dhi Beard Transplant

Who Should Do Beard Transplantation?

In practice, anyone over 20 years of age can undergo beard transplant. The most important point here is that the person considering the operation must not be diagnosed with systematic diseases and must have enough grafts for the permanent treatment of facial hair loss. In most cases, men with patches on their sideburn beard, or men with no goatee facial hair decide on getting a beard transplant, as mens sideburn and men’s goatee beard include the most visible parts of the face. 

Stages of Beard & Moustache Transplant

A lot of men considering the operation are curious about the beard and moustache transplant stages and what to expect ahead. The stages can be categorized into four main steps. The first step is the consultation, during which the doctor examines the patient, considers the number of grafts and the areas to be transplanted and marks the lines according to the patient’s wishes. The second step is local anaesthesia. It eliminates the possibility of pain and discomfort and it is applied both in the donor area and recipient area. The third step is the operation. During the operation, hair follicles are removed from the donor area one by one, then the channels are opened in the recipient area, and lastly, the hair follicles are planted in these opened channels. The last step is the maintenance. After the operation is done, the medical team informs the patient about the beard transplant aftercare and shows him how to wash his hair properly.


Beard Hair Transplant in Sanamentum

As Sanamentum, it is one of our missions to provide our patients not only with efficient and satisfying medical procedures but also with services that support the procedures. This includes the consultation we offer from the very beginning of the process, as well as our after-care that extends to one year after the operation. Thanks to our services, we are proud and happy to see our name at the top of the list when it comes to the best clinics for excellent mustache growth and beard transplant results.

We are with you whatever you need throughout your entire health journey. As Sanamentum, we offer our patients not only a comfortable and high-quality health service but also our packages that include all the services necessary to make them feel at home in another country. Our patients stay in a 4-star hotel in the centre of Istanbul. All transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the hospital is met with a VIP car, and some of our packages even include flight tickets. Our medical team provides patients with a host who will be by their side 24/7. Thus, they can feel extremely comfortable regarding doctor-patient communication, information and needs.

As Sanamentum we provide our patients with the necessary medical equipment that will support their recovery period to have better results. We also provide a group discount for patients who bring their friends or family with them to get hair transplant surgeries.

Sanamentum car
Sanamantum partner hair/beard transplantation specialists prepare a personalized treatment plan, taking into account each patient's condition, wishes and needs. They perform a detailed examination during the appointment to decide which technique to use. You can be sure that our partner hair transplant specialists are highly experienced and trained in the male beard transplantation field and that they take special care of each patient.

We welcome you to the best hair and beard transplant clinic, namely Sanamentum, to receive the best quality service under hygienic conditions, using the latest technology products and tools. Being affordable does not mean compromising on quality. As Sanamentum, our biggest priority is to provide our patients with a smooth, comprehensive and enjoyable health journey with quality above world standards.


Sanamentum Turkey Beard Transplant Specialist


Trichologist Fırat Sıksık

Trichologist Firat

At Sanamentum, we work with one of the best hair and beard surgeon. All treatments offered by Sanamentum are carried out in contracted health institutions with a health tourism authorization certificate. Our partner specialist’s top priority is that you have the most smooth and satisfying beard and moustache transplant while feeling at ease. Trichologist Fırat is a hair and face hair transplant specialist who is very experienced and qualified in his field and performs hundreds of hair, beard and mustache transplant operations per year.

With his experience of over 11 years, he touches the lives of every patient and shares their happiness with them.  He is also a member of a highly credited international association, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and actively participates in their events.

As he has performed thousands of operations, he specialises in different types of hair, beard and moustache hair types. (curly, straight and more). Thanks to his extensive knowledge, patient-oriented approach and excellent communication, he is one of the most appreciated doctors among hair and facial hair transplant specialists. If you are confused about your next step to take, you can check the numerous excellent reviews of his patients with different kinds of hair and see their transformations. 

Beard Transplant Cost in Turkey

Turkey has earned its reputation as the most reputable destination for a hair and beard transplant and this is related to several key factors. One of the main reasons is that when it comes to beard transplant cost, Turkey offers the most affordable prices, especially when compared to the other countries' beard transplant prices. Other reasons include the experienced medical staff, the number of operations performed annually, consistently achieved successful results and government incentives designed to promote medical tourism.  

For people looking for a permanent solution to facial hair loss and beard implants cost, other countries offer much higher prices and a longer waiting process. As the leading hair transplant clinic, Sanamentum offers all-inclusive beard transplant packages for your facial hair loss treatment including accommodation, transfers, a personal translator, and life-long aftercare.

Our facial hair transplant packages will cover all your needs and everything will be arranged by your medical coordinator. Our well-equipped medical team consistently achieves thousands of satisfying hair and moustache transplant results each year. You may look for an answer to the question “how much is a beard transplant?” The price of beard transplant depends on different factors such as the practice of the medical team, the technology used, incentives provided by the government ministries, the number of sessions and so on.

Each patient has a personalized treatment plan depending on his age, hair structure, hair loss scale, donor area availability, type of scalp tissue, and hairline preferences. As Sanamentum, we believe that everyone should have access to quality health services and we are attentive to keep the beard implant cost at a comprehensive and affordable level that reflects our perspective. If you are asking “how much does a beard transplant cost?”, you can simply fill out our contact form and get our advantageous price packages.  


Beard Transplant Results and Recovery

Beard Transplant Recovery

Beard transplant is an outpatient surgery, which means that the patient does not have to stay at the hospital. This operation will not affect the daily life of the patient. However, patients still need to be careful when touching their face. They have to protect their face from extreme heat and chemicals.

Red dots may be visible on the cheeks in beard transplant after 1 week, these will start to disappear over time. The hair follicles will fall out after surgery, this is completely a normal process. After that, new hair will start to grow out of these follicles.

The final results will be visible after around 1-2 months, and after 1 year beard transplant will look so natural that as if you had not had an operation. Most people are also curious about the question, “when can I use clippers after hair transplant?”, 3 months after your operation, you can clipper your beard with scissors.

Beard Transplant Process


Beard & Mustache Transplant – An Overview


Taking individual facial hair grafts from the donor area and transplant into balding parts (recipient area).


2 to 6 hours


3 nights hotel


Local anesthesia


Yes (3 months after with scissors)


3 to 5 days to return to work

Hair Treatment:

Yes (to stimulate facial hair growth and fasten the healing process)

What to Bring:

Comfortable clothes (sweatshirts, button-down or zipped shirt etc.)

Side Effect:



After 3 to 4 weeks

Facial Wash:

After 15 days




None to slight


Permanent (with 98% success rate)

Multiple Surgeries:

Hair transplant, liposuction, rhinoplasty, dentistry


Our Patients' Comments on Trustpilot

  • Martin Lonas

    “Everything was perfect, the transfer from the airport, the clinic and the hotel, the staff with incredible experience and professionalism. I recommend this clinic 100%.”

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    Great Britain

  • Rachel Connelly

    “Great Team. Always someone there as a point of contact. Really efficient and professional. Kept me involved every step of the way. Would recommend it to anyone!”

    rate rate rate rate rate

    Great Britain

  • Dennis

    “I really am happy with my hair transplant results which was performed over 1 year ago. They used the FUE method and all staff are very assuring and professional. My aftercare specialist is still in contact with me and always answers my questions very patiently and in detail. Those who have second thoughts about going abroad for a hair transplant, don't hesitate to use this clinic! They are absolutely amazing!”

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All-Inclusive Beard Transplant in Turkey Price Package

Here are the details of our all-inclusive beard transplant in turkey price package:

4-Star Hotel

It is important for us that our patients are comfortable during their stay in Istanbul. Sanamentum patients stay at a 4-star hotel that meets their every need.

Medical shampoo, lotions

Sanamentum provides our patients with the necessary medical equipment that will support their recovery period to have better results.

VIP Transports

Our patients are transported with a VIP car during their stay in Turkey. The car also picks them up from the airport and drops them off for their departure.

Guarantee Certificate

Sanamentum secures every patient with a guarantee certificate so their minds are at ease. Any malfunction will be compansited by Sanamentum.

High-Quality Hair Transplant

Our patients get the maximum number on hair grafts at a very affordable price. Sanamentum works with one of the best hair specialists.

Group Discount

Sanamentum provides a group discount for patients who bring their friends or family with them to get beard transplant surgeries. service icon

Aftercare Services

Sanamentum provides free aftercare services in the UK in order to maintain patients’ well-being in the post-operative process. ticket icon

Flight Tickets

Sanamentum provides maximum cost savings with free flight tickets. (available only for EU countries and England)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, the patient is sedated through the whole procedure so it is not possible to feel any pain. After the procedure, there might be swelling and tingling for a few days.
First, the implanted hair will fall out. After that, your beard should grow out within a month.
Yes, beard transplant results are permanent. It will continue growing for the rest of your life. However, the hair might fall out later due to aging.
You should wait at least 4 weeks. Make sure not to sweat too much and harm your newly implanted hair follicles.
Sanamentum partner specialists perform reliable and high-quality service and the cost of a beard transplant is much more affordable because the costs of living, travel and accommodation are cheaper in Turkey than in other European countries. However, this does not affect the quality of service you will get, which was proven by the reviews of our highly satisfied patients.