Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as obesity surgery, weight loss surgery or vsg surgery, is performed on patients who have trouble losing weight with alternative methods, such as exercising or diets. Since obesity poses a risk for many health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke, cancer and infertility, people with obesity problems should lose weight and approach their ideal weight to reduce the risk of the health problems listed. The best way to protect yourself from obesity-related health problems is to stay at the ideal weight and consult a specialist when you notice that you gain weight. However, people who already have obesity problems, are not helpless or desperate. These people should consult a doctor to live a healthier life and try to do what is necessary to reach their ideal weight. If you are asking “whats a gastric surgery?”, here we want to inform you about the operation in detail. 

Gastric Sleeve Turkey

In the gastric sleeve operation, approximately 80% of the stomach is removed by inserting various instruments through small holes opened in the abdomen, this is the reason wht it is also called stomach reduction surgery. The shape of the remaining stomach from the stomach sleeve is like the size of a banana. Reducing the size of the stomach limits the amount of food that can be consumed. In addition, as the stomach size is limited, hormonal changes are also rearranged to help lose weight. For example, hunger hormone (ghrelin), secreted from the removed part of your stomach, decreases by 70-80% after bariatric sleeve surgery. Thus you feel less hungry between meals and your feeling of full lasts longer. These changes help the patient stay at the ideal weight after surgery, but to maintain it, a multifactorial approach including nutrition, exercise and medical treatments is required.


You may wonder what is the best weight loss surgery, gastric bypass or sleeve? In both, the volume of the stomach is reduced  However, in gastric bypass surgery, the stomach is divided into two and the divided part is connected to the middle of the intestine. With this surgical procedure, food does not pass through the duodenum. But in the gastric sleeve, there is no change in the progression of food through the digestive system, thus it is more suitable for the natural functioning of human anatomy. 

Gastric sleeve surgery is usually performed laparoscopically. Laparoscopic surgery has advantages such as faster recovery time and fewer surgical scars. The surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours and the patient is observed closely in case of any complications. The patient is discharged within a few days, depending on the general condition. The surgery is irreversible since the stomach is reduced to a smaller size permanently. 

Gastric Sleeve Surgery



Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

Turkey has become the medical centre of the world due to its affordability and technical development. But there are some other reasons why so many people choose the operation of gastric sleeve in Turkey more than in other countries. Due to Turkey's geographical location, many patients from European countries, Gulf countries and North Africa come to visit our country for gastric sleeve operation. But Turkey's geographical location is not the only reason for this interest. Patients who come to Turkey every year for vsg surgery leave our country satisfied and happy, as gastric sleeve surgery Turkey reviews show.

When asked about the opportunities and services they have taken in Turkey, weight loss surgery Turkey reviews are almost %100 positive and grateful for the results, thanks to Turkey’s correct use of developing technology, effective selection of weight loss surgery options and affordable price policy. The fact that gastric sleeve Turkey package is affordable and that the healthcare sector has technical equipment at international standards makes Turkey a preferred choice for foreign patients. Comparing a gastric sleeve UK cost to the gastric sleeve Turkey price, the huge gap can be clearly seen. Moreover, in countries like the UK or the USA, you have to wait an average of 2-3 months for an appointment to have a gastric sleeve surgery. In Turkey, however, you can make an appointment for a gastric surgery in a very short time. With Sanamentum, working with the best hospital in Turkey for gastric sleeve, your gastric sleeve surgery can also turn into a touristic and enjoyable trip. 

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey

Sanamentum has become prominent as it offers you to turn your treatment into a breathtaking holiday with Turkey’s cultural and geographical richness, natural beauties, historical texture, restaurants, cafes and shopping malls. Sanamentum patients receive high-quality gastric surgeries performed by some of the best bariatric surgeons in Turkey. We carefully choose our doctors who all have excellent qualities such as ISAPS memberships.
For detailed and personalized information about our gastric sleeve Turkey price and our gastric sleeve Turkey package, you can simply fill out our contact form and take the biggest step toward a healthier version of yourself. 

Gastric Sleeve Result


Before gastric sleeve surgery, patients undergo extensive examinations. It is evaluated whether there are any problems such as stomach ulcers or heart disease that may prevent them from gastric sleeve surgery. If you wonder “can i get gastric sleeve surgery?”, here is a general explanation of the operation conditions:

Patients who want to go through gastric surgery must have a BMI of 35 or higher. Those who have a BMI between 35 and 39 can undergo gastric sleeve surgery if they have health problems related to their weight. 
If left untreated, obesity may cause serious health problems that can be life-threatening, some of which are listed below:

1)    Heart diseases
2)    Hypertension
3)    High cholesterol
4)    Obstructive sleep apnea
5)    Type 2 diabetes
6)    Stroke
7)    Cancer
8)    Infertility

Gastric sleeve surgery, just like other surgeries, is not suitable for patients with diseases such as active heart disease, cancer and advanced lung failure. Patients with severe reflux and those who do not agree to follow post-operative nutrition rules are also not suitable for gastric sleeve surgery.

Here you can see a chart of who is suitable for gastric sleeve operation: 

Bmi Table List

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

BMI, body mass index, is a type of measurement that calculates body fat with the patient's height and weight rate.
  • Enter your weight. Ex -> 78 (kg)
  • Enter your Height. Ex -> 178 (cm)
  • Click calculate to learn your body mass index (BMI)


Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Sanamentum

As Sanamentum, it is one of our missions to provide our patients not only with efficient and satisfying medical procedures but also with services that support the procedures. This includes the consultation we offer from the very beginning of the process, as well as our after-care that extends to one year after the operation. Thanks to our services, we are proud and happy to see our name at the top of the list when searching for the best place in Turkey for gastric sleeve.

Gastric Hospital

Gastric Hospital Room

We are with you whatever you need throughout your entire health journey. As Sanamentum, we offer our patients not only a comfortable and high-quality health service but also our gastric sleeve Turkey all-inclusive packages that include all the services necessary to make them feel at home in another country. We provide our patients with free flight tickets to fly to Turkey. Our patients stay in a 4-star hotel in the centre of Istanbul. All transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the hospital is met with a VIP car. As the best place for stomach reduction surgery, our team provides patients with a host who will be by their side 24/7. Thus, they can feel extremely comfortable regarding doctor-patient communication, information and needs. As Sanamentum we provide our patients with the necessary medical equipment that will support their stomach surgery recovery period to maintain their new healthy lifestyle and ideal weight. We also provide a group discount for patients who bring their friends or family with them to get our gastric sleeve Turkey all inclusive package .

Gastric Sleeve Result

Sanamentum partner gastric sleeve surgeon prepares a personalized treatment plan, taking into account each patient's condition, wishes and needs. He performs a detailed examination during the appointment to decide which technique to use. You can be sure that our partner gastric sleeve specialists are highly experienced and trained in their fields and that they take special care of each patient. We welcome you to the best turkish weight loss solutions, namely Sanamentum, to receive the best quality service under hygienic conditions, using the latest technology products and tools for gastric sleeve surgery.

As you may have noticed while searching “how much is gastric sleeve surgery?”, the most important result you come across is that Turkey offers more comprehensive packages at more affordable prices. However, being affordable does not mean compromising on quality. As Sanamentum, our biggest priority is to provide our patients with a smooth, comprehensive and enjoyable health journey with quality above world standards.


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Sanamentum Gastric Sleeve Surgery Surgeon

At Sanamentum, we work with one of the best gastric sleeve surgeons in Turkey along with cutting-edge technologies. All treatments offered by Sanamentum are carried out in contracted health institutions with a health tourism authorization certificate. Our partner specialist’s top priority is that you have the most smooth and satisfying weight loss process while feeling at ease. This can be counted as one of the several reasons why we provide the best gastric sleeve surgery Turkey offers. Dr. Güngör is a weight loss surgeon who is very experienced and qualified in his field and performs hundreds of gastric sleeve surgeries per year. With his experience of over 24 years in gastric surgery, he touches the lives of every patient and shares their happiness with them.


Dr. Gungor Gul

Dr. Güngör

Dr. Güngör believes that the happiness and satisfaction of his patients are his biggest missions as one of the best bariatric surgeons in Turkey. Thus, he forms a relationship based on understanding and kindness. He listens to the problems of his patients and together they decide which gastric surgery is the most suitable for the patient.

Güngör has worked in several different hospitals throughout his career and is now continuing his services in his private practice. He is performing gastric surgeries with Sanamentum. He is also a member of several national and international medical establishments, including The International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders, the Turkish Obesity Surgery Society, Turkish Medical Association, European Hernia Society.

Thanks to his extensive knowledge, patient-oriented approach and excellent communication, his patients are always satisfied both with the process of the gastric sleeve surgery and with the result they get.

Gastric Sleeve Cost in Turkey

Turkey is a very popular destination for medical travel since the gastric sleeve cost is a lot lower in contrast to the gastric sleeve UK cost. Foreign patients can receive some of the best healthcare services in the world while spending much less. The low Turkey gastric sleeve cost does not mean compromising quality. We still offer some of the best services with high-quality equipment, a highly experienced medical team and comprehensive packages among the options of weight loss surgery Turkey offers. 

Sanamentum offers treatment plans that help patients navigate their budget. This way, the bariatric surgery cost is quite affordable and ensures that our patients receive the treatment they need and do not get themselves into debt for it, contrary to the gastric sleeve surgery UK price. We believe that medical procedures should be affordable for everyone, so we do our best to make this a reality for our patients. You may ask “how much is a gastric sleeve?” You can check the numbers below and find out the huge gap between Turkey, gastric sleeve surgery UK price and prices of other countries:

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve Cost Turkey

Gastric Sleeve Cost UK

Gastric Sleeve Cost Europe

Gastric Sleeve Cost US

Gastric Sleeve Costs

£2,350 – £2,950

£8,000 – £9,500

€5,900 – £8,000

$10,000 – $14-000






Gastric Sleeve Results and Recovery 

In the first week after the gastric sleeve surgery, the person should only eat sugar-free, non-carbonated liquids and they are only allowed to eat liquid food. After the first week, they can gradually switch to pureed, semi-liquid and semi-solid foods. The patient must wait 4 weeks to start consuming pre-operative food types. After one month of gastric sleeve surgery, they can switch to regular food, however, they should only eat in small portions. To prevent nutrient deficiencies due to stomach reduction, a person should take a multivitamin twice a day and a calcium supplement once. Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most preferred and most successful weight loss surgery options. Some of the advantages of gastric sleeve surgery are listed below: 

Advantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery:

1)    It does not reduce the absorption of foods in the digestive system.
2)    60 to 80% of the extra weight is lost in the first year after the surgery.
3)    Obesity-related diseases appear by 55-80% within the first year after the surgery.
4)    Surgery time is shorter.
5)    Hospital stay is shorter.
6)    There is no need for adjustment like a gastric band.
7)    It is a simpler surgical procedure than gastric bypass.
8)    It is a surgical method that is more suitable for the natural functioning of the human anatomy.
9)    It is a surgical method with a short anaesthesia period and therefore fewer complications due to anaesthesia.
10)    It is the most commonly applied obesity surgery technique all over the world.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey Result


Sanamentum patients stay 7 days in Istanbul for their gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. Our patients spend 2 nights at the hospital after their gastric sleeve surgery and stay 5 days at the hotel. Before their departure, they have one last appointment with their weight loss surgeon to make sure that their healing process is going smoothly. Once they return to their country, Sanamentum provides one free aftercare session in the UK. Additionally, our aftercare consultants are always available to answer any of the questions our patients may have.

We make sure to keep our patients at ease, this way they can experience a smooth and stress-free recovery period with Sanamentum. During their gastric sleeve after care, there are several things patients need to pay attention to. They have to follow the instructions of their weight loss surgeon and avoid heavy physical activities. On top of that patients also have to follow a strict diet. Additionally, the patient has to take certain vitamins their surgeon prescribes them. Together with the assistance of their surgeon and Sanamentum, our patients experience a pain-free and easy gastric sleeve after care process. 


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Gastric sleeve surgery requires following a strict diet during the recovery period. Since patients feel full with very little food, these foods must be of high quality, that is, foods rich in protein, minerals and vitamins.

Now that the stomach size is reduced, your eating habits will change so as not to slow down the gastric sleeve healing process. Patients should follow a special diet for 5 weeks then they can continue to eat normally but only with small portions slowly.  Because of the sensitivity of the stomach, patients will consume only liquid type of food in the first three weeks. Then they will continue with puree type of food for one week. Then they continue to eat what they used to, however, portions should be small and the patient should eat slowly.

Compliance with nutrition plans is of great importance to prevent complications that may occur after gastric sleeve surgery and to help heal wounds in the digestive system. You should learn to listen to your body and stomach while eating. Every patient is unique. What doesn't cause a problem for someone else may bother you. If you progress faster than normal in the nutrition program and experience problems, you should return to the previous stage and eat according to that stage for at least a few days.


First Week of Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Clear Liquid Diet)

It is the first step in post-operative nutrition. Patients can consume liquids below:

•    Water
•    Soups that are clear and grain-free
•    Protein Shakes
•    Herbal Teas
•    Diluted Juices

In the first week of gastric sleeve surgery patients should follow the rules written below:

•    They have to consume at least 1 litre of liquid that contains enough nutrition.
•    Liquids should be clear and grainless.
•    Patients have to consume one packet of protein powder to supply their body.
•    Soups must not have seasoning, spice, tomato paste, oil, lemon, onion or garlic. They may delay the healing of the stomach.
•    Every drink should be consumed with small sips and slowly, in order to avoid damaging the stomach. It is also important not to take too large a quantity while sipping. They can use a teaspoon for this. They should wait 1-2 seconds after each sip.
•    Drinks should be warm, not cold or hot.
•    Patients should not be dehydrated.

Second and Third Week of Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Liquid Diet)

During this period, the stomach is gradually healing, so, beverages can be drunk without diluting. If drinks such as soups have grain in them, patients should chew a lot before swallowing them. Patients can consume addition to the first week:

•    Blended soups
•    Yogurt
•    Milk
•    Warm Tea

In the second and third weeks of gastric sleeve Turkey patients should follow the rules written below:

•    Patients must consume their protein shakes every da or else recovery may slow down. 
•    Drinks should be warm, not cold or hot.
•    Water consumption should be increased.


Diet Lists


Fourth and Fifth Week of the Weight Loss Surgery Turkey (Puree Diet)

From now on, patients can consume puree types of foods. The stomach is healing gradually but still, the patient should be careful about the portions. Foods that contain protein should be consumed first, then vegetables and fruits. During the puree diet period, foods should not be hard but can be chewable. Every meal should last thirty minutes. You have to eat 5-6 times a day. If you consume hard foods, you have to wait at least 30 minutes before you consume liquid foods. Patients should walk one hour every 4 days of the week. You should stop eating immediately when you feel full. You should not consume fried foods. Patients should avoid consuming carbonated drinks, tea, coffee and mineral water. Patients can consume:

• Vegetable dishes without meat 
• Grilled, steamed, roasted or boiled vegetables (by crushing them thoroughly or blending them) 
• Fruit yoghurt made with unsweetened fruit purees (banana, apple, pear) (can be consumed with fruit puree + yoghurt + protein powder)
 • Fish can be consumed steamed or boiled.

In this period, patients need to pay attention to the rules written below:

• Each new food should be tried alone. Do not try two different foods at the same meal. After eating, you should wait at least 3 days before trying the food that upset your stomach again.
• Acidic fruits such as orange, grapefruit; Sour fruits such as quince and pomegranate will not be consumed during this period either.
• The 30-minute rule for solid-liquid separation has now started. You should wait at least 30 minutes before consuming liquid food after consuming solid food. This rule will continue for life.

Fifth Week and After the Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Hard Food Diet)

After the fifth week, patients can start to eat hard foods but there are some rules. After the fifth week of recovery, patients can start eating hard foods that contain high protein and are low on calories. Sufficient protein should be consumed every day. You should not be dehydrated. Every thirty seconds, 200ml water is sufficient. These are the rules and important notes that you should consider during your recovery period. If you have any questions that you do not find the answer to above, you can always contact Sanamentum’s aftercare specialist assigned to you. 


Foods to Avoid After the Gastric Sleeve Surgery

1)    Empty-Calorie Foods: Sweets, chips, popcorn, and pretzels offer little nutritional value and can hinder your progress.

2)    Dry Foods: Nuts, granola, and dry cereal can be hard to digest and may cause discomfort. 

3)    Alcohol: Alcohol can irritate your healing stomach and interfere with your weight loss journey. 

4)    Refined Carbohydrates: Rice, bread, and pasta can lead to calorie-dense, low-nutrient meals.

5)    Fibrous Fruits and Vegetables: While essential, high-fibre choices like celery, cabbage, broccoli, and corn can be challenging to digest early on. 

6)    Sugary, Fizzy or Highly-Caffeinated Beverages: Soda and certain fruit juices are laden with empty calories and can disrupt your weight loss efforts. 

7)    Fatty Foods: Bacon, sausage, whole milk, and butter are calorie-dense and can lead to discomfort. 

8)    Tough Meats: Steaks, pork chops, ham, and hotdogs can be difficult to chew and digest.

9)    Heavily Seasoned or Spicy Foods: These can irritate your stomach lining and cause discomfort. 

10)   Microwave-Reheated Foods: Microwaving can alter the texture of some foods, making them difficult to digest.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery - An Overview


Limits patient’s eating-drinking volume


1 to 2 hours


2-night hospital, 5 nights hotel


General anaesthesia


1-3 days to discharge, 1-2 weeks to back to work (depending on each patient’s medical condition)

What to Bring:

Comfortable clothes that are easy to slip on or off as needed, (Button-down or zipped shirt, flip-flops, slippers or socks with tread etc.)

Side Effect:

Gastritis, heartburn, or stomach ulcers, bowel obstruction, gallstones, hernias, stomach perforation, injury to the stomach, intestines, or other organs during surgery, leaking from the line where parts of the stomach have been stitched, low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia), poor nutrition, dumping syndrome, causing diarrhoea, nausea or vomiting, scarring inside your belly, vomiting, allergic reactions to anaesthesia or post-operation medicines, excessive bleeding, blood clots, infection, breathing or lung problems, heart problems


After 6 to 8 weeks


Small incisions


Mid-level (depends on the patient)


Discharge 1-3 days, patient should be able to move around without too much problem.

Combination of Surgeries:

After losing a lot of weight, patients enhance their physical appearance with these surgeries: Liposuction, Mommy Makeover, Tummy Tuck, Gynecomastia, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Balloon


Sanamentum Facebook Bariatric Surgery Support Group

Bariatric Surgery Support

We have a Facebook Bariatric Support Group where everyone can find useful information. You can also find helpful blogs and Q&A with our specialists. We want to create a platform in which people who are interested in weight loss can discuss the procedures, share their experiences with the bariatric surgery Turkey packages and give support to each other. Join our family through the link below to share and learn more about weight loss procedures;


Through this group, we want our patients to share their journeys with each other and help gastric treatment candidates have some ideas.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Patient Review Videos

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Our Patients' Comments on Trustpilot

  • Lidia Dringa

    Last week I had my gastric sleeve surgery at Sanamentum ! Must say every person , assistant, doctor, nurse, are just wonderful and amazing ! Begin with the person who assisted me from the beginning and helped me with all the process to arrive safe in Turkey till the nurses who were at every step at my availability,just amazing ! The surgeon is also 100% involved in everything and very professional! A week after my surgery and feeling great ! The best decision I ever made! Thank you Sanamentum for your professionalism and kindness! Lots of love.”

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  • Craig Yarranton

    “I've travelled to Istanbul alone, my medical consultant and my doctor helped me with everything. I'm really grateful I chose them to change my look. Besides they provided best price with flight tickets included. Highly recommend to anyone.”

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  • Nathan

    “I had a great experience with Sanamentum in my weight loss journey. They explained me everything so I was so ready and prepared for my healing process! My doctor was brilliant! He explained me everything about gastric sleeve and relieved my concerns. The follow up care has been going extremely good and I would highly recommend Mr Gungor to anyone. Also according to my research for sleeve, this clinic has the best prices!”

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    Great Britain

All-Inclusive Gastric Sleeve in Turkey Price Package

Here are the details of our all-inclusive gastric sleeve in turkey price package:

4-Star Hotel

It is important for us that our patients are comfortable during their stay in Istanbul. Sanamentum patients stay at a 4-star hotel that meets their every need. and Pill

Protein Powder and Vitamins

Sanamentum provides the patients with the necessary protein powder and vitamins to support their recovery and achieve better results.

VIP Transports

Our patients are transported with a VIP car during their stay in Turkey. The car also picks them up from the airport and drops them off for their departure.

Guarantee Certificate

Sanamentum secures every patient with a guarantee certificate so their minds are at ease. Any malfunction will be compensated by Sanamentum.

Personal Host

All our patients are assigned with a personal host who keeps them company to make thier experience better during their stay in Istanbul.

Group Discount

Sanamentum provides a group discount for patients who bring their friends or family with them to get gastric sleeve surgeries.


Sanamentum offers dietitian services for patients to keep their ideal weight in a healthy and proper way. ticket icon

Flight Tickets

Sanamentum provides maximum cost savings with free flight tickets. (available only for EU countries and England)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Gastric sleeve surgery usually takes around 2-3 hours.
Gastric sleeve surgery Turkey is performed under general anesthesia, so the patient will not feel anything during the procedure. After the surgery, there might be slight discomfort. We advise patients not to engage in any heavy physical activity and follow the instructions of the doctor to have a painless recovery period.
If you do not have any physical disabilities, you should be completely fine on your own and not need any extra assistance.
Most of our patients are able to return to work after 1-2 weeks. Since you will follow a strict diet and lose many calories, you may feel sleepy for a few weeks.
We advise patients to avoid exercising for at least 6 weeks. Your wounds must be completely healed and you have feel physically good to exercise.
Female patients should wait one year before they decide to get pregnant. After around one year, your body should have healed completely and be ready to carry a baby full term.
Yes. Our doctors make sure that you are in good health to go through surgery. You will get some blood work done and also have an endoscopy and a general check-up.
Unfortunately, gastric sleeve surgery itself does not guarantee permanent weight loss. Patients have to take care of themselves and eat healthily. Additionally, they should exercise once they can to maintain their shape. Patients who do not take care of themselves might regain their weight.
Maintaining a healthy nutrition, aerobic exercises and weight training can help the skin to get better. But when excess skin is to be removed, a consultation with our partner plastic surgeons can be the best choice.
Yes. Your surgeon will administer blood tests, EKG and other analyses to be sure about your physical condition.