Gynecomastia in Turkey

When the breast area develops like in women and gains feminine curves and size, it is called gynecomastia. Male breast enlargement is often associated with hormonal changes or hormonal imbalances. In men during puberty, an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen hormones can lead to breast enlargement. Additionally, changes in hormone levels may occur during old age, causing male breast enlargement. Gynecomastia is also seen in bodybuilders. This is due to the high amount of male hormones they use as a stimulant. Gynecomastia has several reasons. Some diseases and medications can cause gynecomastia. However, in most cases, it occurs without any apparent reason.

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Gynecomastia can affect the individual both psychologically and socially, he does not wear t-shirts or shirts and he even tries to hide her breasts by leaning forward. By consulting with a plastic surgeon; You can confirm your diagnosis, decide together whether you need a gynecomastia surgery, learn what techniques or procedures you need for removal of man boobs, and make your plan.

If the tissue increase that causes gynecomastia is caused by fat, the breast can be transformed from a feminine appearance to a male appearance by reducing the excess fat in the breast area with Liposuction surgery, that is, fat removal. This surgery takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. There is an incision on each side, usually 0.5 cm long. You will leave the gyno surgery with a special corset surrounding this area, and you will need to wear this corset regularly for 1 month.If it is caused by breast tissue, excess breast tissue is surgically removed by entering through an incision made in the lower half of the breast ring. Liposuction may also be required for a better result in manboob reduction.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Turkey

Turkey has become the medical centre of the world due to its affordability and technical development. But there are some other reasons why so many people choose the operation of gynecomastia surgery in turkey more than in other countries. Due to Turkey's geographical location, many patients from European countries, Gulf countries and North Africa come to visit our country for gyno surgery. But Turkey's geographical location is not the only reason for this interest. Patients who come to Turkey every year for a manboob surgery leave our country satisfied and happy, as gyno surgery turkey reviews show.

When asked about the opportunities and services they have taken in Turkey, gynecomastia surgery turkey reviews are almost %100 positive and grateful for the results, thanks to Turkey’s correct use of developing technology, effective selection of the gynecomastia surgery options and affordable price policy.  The fact that gyno surgery turkey package is affordable and that the healthcare sector has technical equipment at international standards makes Turkey a preferred choice for foreign patients.

Comparing a gynaecomastia surgery in UK cost to a gynecomastia surgery cost in Turkey, the huge gap can be clearly seen. Moreover, in countries like the UK or the USA, you have to wait an average of 2-3 months for an appointment to have a man boob surgery. In Turkey, however, you can make an appointment for a gynecomastia surgery in a very short time.

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With Sanamentum, the best place for getting men’s breast reduction surgery, your gyno surgery can also turn into a touristic and enjoyable trip. Sanamentum has become prominent as it offers you to turn your treatment into a breathtaking holiday with Turkey’s cultural and geographical richness, natural beauties, historical texture, restaurants, cafes and shopping malls. Sanamentum patients receive high-quality man boob reduction performed by the best gynecomastia surgeon. We carefully choose our doctors who all have excellent qualities such as ISAPS memberships.

For detailed and personalized information about our gynecomastia surgery cost and our removal of gynecomastia options, you can simply fill out our contact form and take the biggest step toward a desired version of yourself. 

Gynecomastia Surgery in Sanamentum

As Sanamentum, it is one of our missions to provide our patients not only with efficient and satisfying medical procedures but also with services that support the procedures. This includes the consultation we offer from the very beginning of the process, as well as our after-care that extends to one year after the gynecomastia surgery. Thanks to our services, we are proud and happy to see our name at the top of the solution list when searching for how to get rid of gynaecomastia.

We are with you whatever you need throughout your entire health journey. As Sanamentum, we offer our patients not only a comfortable and high-quality health service but also our advantageous packages that include all the services necessary to make them feel at home in another country. We provide our patients with free flight tickets to fly to Turkey. Our patients stay in a 4-star hotel in the centre of Istanbul. All transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the hospital is met with a VIP car. As the best place for getting man boob surgery, our team provides patients with a host who will be by their side 24/7. Thus, they can feel extremely comfortable regarding doctor-patient communication, information and needs. As Sanamentum we provide our patients with the necessary medical equipment that will support their gynecomastia surgery recovery period. We also provide a group discount on the cost of gyno surgery for patients who bring their friends or family with them to get a gyno surgery.

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Sanamentum partner gynecomastia surgeon prepares a personalized treatment plan, taking into account each patient's condition, wishes and needs. He performs a detailed examination during the appointment to decide which technique to use. You can be sure that our partner surgeon is highly experienced and trained in his field and that he takes special care of each patient. We welcome you to the best place for man boob removal surgery, namely Sanamentum, to receive the best quality service under hygienic conditions, using the latest technology products and tools for gynecomastia surgery.

As you may have noticed while searching “how much is gyno surgery?”, the most important result you come across is that gynecomastia surgery in Turkey is more comprehensive at more affordable prices. However, being affordable does not mean compromising on quality. As Sanamentum, our biggest priority is to provide our patients with the best gyno surgery with quality above world standards and a smooth, comprehensive and enjoyable medical journey.



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Gynecomastia Surgery Sanamentum Surgeon 

Sanamentum works with the best gynecomastia surgeon in Turkey. All treatments offered by Sanamentum are carried out in contracted health institutions with a health tourism authorization certificate. Our partner doctor is very experienced in his field and performs hundreds of surgery for man boobs per year. This allows him to touch the lives of Sanamentum gynecomastia surgery patients and share their happiness. Our partner plastic surgeon is approved by certain associations such as ISAPS, which further proves that he is highly qualified to perform these surgeries. Our patients can be sure that they are in the hands of the best gynecomastia surgeon during their stay in Turkey. Our removal of man boobs surgeries is performed in accredited clinics with the use of the latest technology methods, which provide natural and excellent results.



Gynecomastia Surgery Turkey Cost

Turkey is a very popular destination for medical travel since the gynecomastia surgery cost is a lot lower in contrast to the gynecomastia surgery price in UK. Foreign patients can receive some of the best healthcare services in the world while spending much less. The low male breast reduction cost does not mean compromising quality. We still offer some of the best services with high-quality equipment, a highly experienced medical team and comprehensive packages offering the cheapest gyno surgery.

Sanamentum offers treatment plans that help patients navigate their budget. This way, the gynecomastia surgery cost is quite affordable and ensures that our patients receive the treatment they need and do not get themselves into debt to afford the gyno surgery price. We believe that medical procedures should be affordable for everyone, so we do our best to make this a reality for our patients. You may ask “how much is gyno surgery?” so you can check the gynecomastia surgery price below and find out the huge gap in gynecomastia surgery cost between Turkey, UK and other countries:


Gynecomastia Cost Turkey

Gynecomastia Cost UK

Gynecomastia Cost Europe

Gynecomastia Cost US

Gynecomastia Costs

£2,800 – £3,900

£4,000 – £5,500

€4,300 – €6,000

$5,500 – $7,000




What are the Symptoms of Gynecomastia?


1) The enlargement of breast tissue may have a soft and elastic feel.

2) Breast tissue may be tender or painful.

3) Tenderness and sensitivity around the nipple may increase.

4) Breast asymmetry may occur as a result of more growth in one breast tissue than the other.

5) Hardness may be felt under the breast tissue.


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Gynecomastia Surgery Techniques

In men, the breast consists of fatty tissue and breast tissue. Gynecomastia describes the situation that occurs with the growth of either or both of these tissues. The treatment varies depending on which one is seen more. If there is only excess fat tissue, fat removal (liposuction) will be required, and if there is only excess breast tissue, surgical removal of breast tissue will be required. In some cases, both growths may be seen and both surgeries should be performed together.

Your doctor may recommend techniques such as Liposuction (removal of extra breast fat) and Excision (removal of mammary gland tissue).

Liposuction Technique

In cases where gynecomastia occurs mainly as a result of excess fatty tissue, one of the liposuction techniques alone can be used. Liposuction is applied by inserting a cannula, a thin hollow tube, through several small incisions. The cannula is moved back and forth in a controlled motion to loosen excess fat, which is then removed from the body with vacuum suction. Vaser liposuction or other options are determined by the doctor according to the person's needs.

Excision Technique

Excision techniques are recommended in cases where glandular breast tissue or excess skin must be removed to correct gynecomastia. Excision is also necessary if the areola is to be reduced or the nipple is to be repositioned to a more natural male contour. Incision patterns vary depending on specific circumstances and surgical preference. In some cases, gynecomastia is treated with both liposuction and excision. Breast reduction surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia. The operation takes approximately 1.5 hours. You usually need to stay in the hospital overnight.


Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery and Results

Before the male breast reduction, the surgeon will explain to you how the procedure will be performed and help you with planning the treatment period. Gynecomastia surgery will improve your look and give you a masculine look, which will improve over time. After the gynecomastia surgery, patient will achieve highly-increased self-esteem and natural-looking man-like breasts. Patients can continue their daily routines after the surgery, however, it takes approximately three months until the final results of the surgery are apparent because of the swelling in the chest area. It will be enough to reduce pectoral muscle movements, that is, shoulder movements. The tissue left on the pectoral muscle in the chest area is to be healed by sticking there. Therefore, you need to wear a corset for 1 month.

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Gynecomastia Surgery – An Overview

Recovery Period:

1 week to go back to work


Scars, Bleeding, Seroma, Infection, Extrusion, Swelling, bruising and pain, Asymmetry, Increased or reduced sensation, Damage to deeper structures, Unsatisfactory result, Change over time, Allergic reaction (chest infection, blood clots)


After 2 – 3 weeks


1 night in hospital, 4 nights in a hotel


Depending on the case


Due to granules, patients will not face the same situation.

Potential Candidate:

Patients with extra fat on their breasts


Achieved after swelling is done

Combination of Surgeries:

Liposuction and Tummy tuck


Our Patients' Comments on Trustpilot

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    “My whole experience was excellent as they offer very professional services. Also, I am very happy about my results, their interests and follow-up. I want to thank all the crew and their hospitality.”

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All-Inclusive Gynecomastia Package

Here are the details of our all-inclusive gynecomastia package:

4-Star Hotel

It is important for us that our patients are comfortable during their stay in Istanbul. Sanamentum patients stay at a 4-star hotel that meets their every need.

Medical supplements, shampoo, lotions

Sanamentum provides our patients with the necessary medical equipment that will support their recovery period to have better results.

VIP Transports

Our patients are transported with a VIP car during their stay in Turkey. The car also picks them up from the airport and drops them off for their departure.

Guarantee Certificate

Sanamentum secures every patient with a guarantee certificate so their minds are at ease. Any malfunction will be compensated by Sanamentum.

Personal Host

All our patients are assigned with a personal host who keeps them company to make thier experience better during their stay in Istanbul.

Group Discount

Sanamentum provides a group discount for patients who bring their friends or family with them to get gastric bypass surgeries. service icon

Aftercare Services

Sanamentum provides free aftercare services in the UK in order to maintain patients’ well-being in the post-operative process. ticket icon

Flight Tickets

Sanamentum provides maximum cost savings with free flight tickets. (available only for EU countries and England)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Men with good physical health and normal weight, without life-threatening illnesses, feeling depressed or embarrassed because of their large women-like breasts are considered good candidates for gynecomastia surgery.
You don’t deserve to hide under your T-shirt on the beach or to have to wear loose outfits just because you think you have abnormally large women-like breasts. You have a solution for that. If you want to deal with it, gynecomastia surgery may be the best solution for you.
Your recovery period will be smoother if you take good care of yourself. The first 3 days are very critical, so you should be in full rest and your movements should definitely be restricted. With the help of dressing you should wear at least 5 days, you can return to your work in 1 week.
Gynecomastia surgery cost in Turkey is more affordable compared to other countries thanks to the cheap living costs in the country. While the exact gynecomastia surgery cost may vary according to each case and patient’s needs. We offer you a great quality service with affordable male breast reduction cost in turkey.
You cannot target fat loss in one specific area of the body, if you’re trying to lose weight, regular cardiovascular exercise can help but the best option for moobs removal is gynecomastia surgery.