How to take care of your hair transplant

Hair transplant is a procedure that can be life-changing for some patients. Hair loss at a young age or even later in life can be really damaging to the self-esteem and general appearance of the individual. There are many factors that can contribute to the loss of hair, some of these are; genetics, hormonal imbalances, stress, environmental factors, etc.

The quality of hair transplantation surgery is very important in reaching the desired appearance. However, patients should not forget that the aftercare period is almost just as important! When it comes to aftercare, the patient is required to follow the instructions of the doctor in order to reach the desired results.

Of course, Sanamentum’s medical consultants will keep in touch with you throughout your whole recovery period for one year. You can ask them anything you want to know!



Things to expect/do after hair transplant surgery

Common instructions after hair transplant surgery

  • Patients may experience swelling, itching and pain in the donor and recipient areas on their heads. This is totally normal and can be decreased with specific medication that will be prescribed by the doctor.

  • Patients can have trouble sleeping since they will have to avoid sleeping in the transplanted areas. They have to sleep in an upright position. 

  • Patients can sleep normally after around 12 days.

  • Patients have to stop smoking and drinking alcohol for around 2 weeks after surgery since these substances can thin their blood and cause problems.

  • Bleeding is also normal, however, the bleeding should stop within a few days. If it continues, please contact your doctor.

  • Try to avoid the sun as much as possible.

How to wash your hair

Sanamentum provides our patients with everything they will need after the hair transplant surgery. They will receive the medicine and medical lotions/shampoos necessary to make their recovery period go smoothly.

Patients are expected to wash their hair with the shampoo Sanamentum provides. 

Patients should use this shampoo for 12 days in order to gently rinse their hair and skin. This way, they will get rid of the crust and blood on their head. They should lather the shampoo in their hand and then gently apply it on their head. 

DO NOT use any tools to dry or shape your hair after you wash it. The newly implanted hair is fragile and can get damaged by heat and wind. 

Only use lukewarm water at low pressure and be really gentle.


Hair growth after hair transplant surgery

Our hair normally grows around one centimetre every month. After hair transplant surgery, the implanted hair might fall off together with the scrabs. This is normal and should not alarm you. You should continue being gentle with your hair even after the first few months.  Around the sixth month, your hair should have grown up to 5-6 cm and continue growing without problems. Do not cut your head with a machine and continue rejecting products with harsh chemicals.