Hair Wash Routine After Hair Transplant at Sanamentum

It is important for patients who have just had a hair transplant to take the right care of their newly implanted follicles. The aftercare period is just as important as the surgery itself since this process can either make or break the whole procedure.
Sanamentum doctors place great importance on sharing the right information with our patients to ensure that they do not experience any confusion after hair transplant surgery. Patients should follow these instructions.
Here is a reminder on how to wash your hair after your hair transplant surgery:


The first hair wash after hair transplant surgery

At Sanamentum, the first hair wash after surgery is performed by our hair transplant specialist. The hair wash usually takes place one day after your surgery. 
After this hair wash, patients can return to their country. During this hair wash appointment, every patient is provided with a medical shampoo or lotion that they have to use through the first 14 days after their hair transplant surgery.

Patients will be at home the third day after surgery, and continue their hair wash routine on their own. 

How to wash your hair on your own

Patients have to wash their hair every day after returning to their country and continue this routine until the 14 days after hair transplant surgery are completed.
This means that they have to approximately wash their own hair for 9 days, every day.
During this period, they will use the medical shampoo provided by Sanamentum.
Once they run out of the shampoo Sanamentum has provided, they have to continue their routine with baby shampoo for up to one year.


Other instructions to follow

– There will be scabbing in the first 2-3 weeks after your hair transplant. This is completely normal. The scabs should fall off on their own during the first two weeks of washing your hair with the special medical shampoo. If they do not fall out within this time period, contact your aftercare consultant for instructions.

– After you wash your hair, do not use any heat on your head. Heat can be extremely damaging to the newly implanted hair follicles. Instead, dap your head dry with a smooth towel.

– Avoid harsh chemicals. Try to use only baby shampoo for a minimum of 6 months.