Gastric Sleeve Recovery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a weight loss operation also widely known as obesity surgery. During the surgery, a part of the stomach is removed and only a banana-sized part is left. Patients consume less food than they used to after Gastric Sleeve Surgery.
What differentiates Gastric Sleeve Surgery from other surgeries is that there are no scarrings left on the body after the surgery, because, special tools are used during the surgery.
Gastric Sleeve Surgery is the most preferred surgery among weight loss surgeries since it is highly efficient and does not leave scarring.


The recovery period of Gastric Sleeve Surgery is an important part of the process. After the surgery, the patient should follow the surgeon’s instructions which include a special diet and exercises. Read more to learn what the special diet of the recovery period consists of!

Nutrition Plan During Gastric Sleeve Recovery


Everyone loves eating food, however, after the Gastric Sleeve Surgery, the patient should follow a special and strict diet to see positive results in this process. In the first two weeks after the surgery, the patient must consume liquid food such as soups.
In the third and fourth weeks after the surgery, consuming pureed type of food is suggested in order to ease the digestion of the stomach.
The patient can eat normally after one month of the surgery under the supervision of a doctor. The patient should eat slowly and one meal should last around 40 minutes. Doctors advise having 6 meals a day, every meal being in small portions.
Patients should absolutely avoid eating big portions at once. Dehydration may cause headaches or nausea so, the patient should drink a lot of water.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle


Doing exercises regularly is a big part of the recovery period of Gastric Sleeve Surgery.
After one month of Gastric Sleeve Surgery, the patient can do simple exercises such as walking and stretching but must not force the body. 
After three months of the surgery, the patient can go to the gym and start doing cardio or weight lifting. Doing exercises regularly is important in the recovery from gastric sleeve surgery in order to keep the body fit.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that gastric sleeve surgery itself is not enough to get rid of excess weight. The surgery is a big part of the weight loss journey, however, the patient’s lifestyle and habits also play a big role. 
The patient has to strictly follow the doctor’s suggestions for at least three months to reach their goal. This includes eating healthy food and exercising regularly to get the body moving.