Angelina Jolie's Transformation


Angelina Jolie is widely known for her extremely breathtaking beauty. She is a talented actress and has starred in many movies, including some really famous ones such as Wanted, Agent Salt, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or the legendary Tomb Raider movies.
Even though she has changed her appearance for the sake of her passion for acting, one thing has not changed at all over the years: her stunning beauty. 


Naturally, people wonder if Angelina Jolie’s genetics are just godly, or if she has had any cosmetic surgeries that have helped her keep her beauty managing through all the stress in her life. After all, it is not easy being one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, let alone raising six children and going through a divorce! 
However, Angelina Jolie states that she has not had any cosmetic surgeries done on her face. The only surgery she admits to having is the breast reconstruction surgery she had in 2013. 


Naturally, her face has changed over the years – she is ageing, after all. However, there are no big changes in her face. The shape of her brows has changed and her face has become a little bonier. The puffiness of her face has disappeared with ageing. 
Angelina Jolie herself states that she is not against cosmetic surgeries – to each their own. However, she embraces getting older with open arms and has no intention of hiding her age. 
There is no reason not to believe her when she tells that she has not had any cosmetic intervention. However, we still believe that she might be getting small injections here and there.