Sanamentum’s Press Release


LONDON, VICTORIA, ENGLAND, Sanamentum is a leading company in health tourism and provides excellent services to hundreds of patients every year.
Sanamentum is specialized in hair transplant procedures, weight loss surgeries and dentistry. Once patients have shared their desires and expectations, Sanamentum consultants start assessing their cases. Patients receive a personalized treatment plan which contains their medical procedures in detail. At Sanamentum, every patient is informed thoroughly and is fully aware of the whole process.

Sanamentum mainly provides service to patients from the UK. Thus, they have an office in London to welcome their patients for consultation appointments and talk to them face-to-face. Additionally, they offer video calls for patients who cannot make it to the office or live in other countries.

Patients always have a contact person that is available 24/7 at Sanamentum. They are accompanied by a consultant throughout their whole journey, from start to finish. Patients can be sure that there is always someone on the other side of the phone who is truly caring about them and works hard to give them a satisfying experience.

Currently, Sanamentum offers all-inclusive packages that contain services that make the procedure smooth and stress-free on behalf of the patient. The patients do not have to worry about anything including their stay in Istanbul. From the moment they decide to get medical treatment at Sanamentum, their entire trip, stay and departure is planned by their travel coordinator. Every single detail is taken care of by the travel coordinator, such as the flight tickets, hotel and transportation.

Patients can benefit from numerous services that are unavailable anywhere else by choosing Sanamentum. Some of these services are as follows:
– 4-Star Hotel
– VIP Transfers
– Flight Tickets
– Free Double Room for Your Company
– Personal Host
– Free pre-operative Tests
– Free Physical Consultation in London Office or Video Consultation
– 1-year Online Follow-up
– Medical Travel Insurance

The main mission of Sanamentum is to make medical procedures affordable for everyone. It is known that many foreign patients cannot afford to undergo surgery in their own country due to high prices. Thus, many foreign patients prefer to choose Turkey for their medical procedures. Turkey is a very popular destination in medical tourism, thanks to the affordable prices and beautiful sights it provides.

Sanamentum is a company that stands out in Turkey, which is supported by several awards they have earned throughout the years such as Healthcare Quality Awards, and Top Healthcare Exporter.
Sanamentum also only works with doctors who have proven to be professionals in their fields. For example, their bariatric surgeon Dr. Güngör Gül is a member of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO).

The patient’s journey at Sanamentum does not end at their departure from Turkey. They continue to have a consultant whom they can contact during their recovery period. This consultant helps them regarding their aftercare and continues to stay in touch with them for as long as the patient needs.

According to all of the information provided above, it is possible to say that Sanamentum is a health tourism company that goes above and beyond to make sure that patients have the best experience possible. As of right now, Sanamentum is happy to welcome new patients in Istanbul and make their dreams become reality.